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i know you saw me dancing

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whatever lysergia you're thinking of, i am assuredly not it. unfortunately i just have a thing for words starting with 'l' and references to acid on a daily basis. y'can call me l or lysergia. or whatever the hell you want. i don't actually care.

i write! i write mostly fics that involve lots of people getting killed and/or tortured in many ways. it's probably also long and twisty.

i'm not really new at the whole writing thing (this is not to say i don't suck harder than your mom does when somebody bribes her with a Twinkie), but this name is new! so is the genre of fic that will be located in this journal. namely there are no demons in this stuff! i think. i have a one-track mind.

also sometimes i do music and art and will post that.

thaaat's about it, then. ta.
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